Music Education in Palestine

Music Education in Palestine

Since 2003, the Barenboim-Said Public Andalusian Foundation carries out several music education projects in Palestine. With the aim of contributing to the development of music and artistic activities in the area, the Foundation cooperates with numerous local institutions, such as the Palestinian Medical Relief Society, the Spanish Consulate General in Jerusalem, as well as several schools.

The Foundation’s work in the region is mainly developed through the Barenboim-Said Music Centre, where a team of highly qualified international and local musicians offer music, instrument and choir lessons, as well as organize other activities, such as music workshops and concerts.

The Barenboim-Said Music Center also hosts two orchestras which work on a weekly basis. The beginners’ orchestra is for students in second through fourth grade, and

the advanced orchestra is for students from fourth grade onwards. The orchestras’ rehearsals are part of the curriculum at the Music Center: the students rehearse all together and divided in sections. Each semester the orchestras participate in a music workshop and a concert, where a guest conductor intensively works with the students.

The Foundation’s teachers extend music education to other areas of the West Bank and give recorder and choir lessons in two schools of Ramallah: the Arab Evangelical School and the Greek Catholic School. More than 500 children from year 3 to 5 of Primary school receive classes twice a week. The Foundation also carries out a music programme in the state schools of the town of Beit Reema.

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