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The Barenboim-Said Andalusian Public Foundation is mainly supported by public funds from the Andalusian Regional Government, but also from many private donors who believe in the role of music in the development of a more humanistic and fair society. We are most grateful to each one of them for helping us spread our activities and educate through music.

If you wish you collaborate with the music and international cooperation projects of the Barenboim-said Foundation you may do so by either:

  • effecting a bank transfer to our bank account in Spain.
  • or through the PayPal donations system. PayPal offers a specific donations system for non-profit organizations such as the Barenboim-Said Foundation by using a credit card.

Colabore ahora

Con su aportación colaborará con los proyectos musicales y de cooperación internacional desarrollados por la Fundación. Pulse una cantidad o indíquela

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By making a donation you are not only contributing to the funding of this institution, but you are also making possible the development of projects that promote the spirit of respect and tolerance through music and foster multiculturalism and dialogue. Donations also benefit from tax incentives and deductions in Spain.

Spanish tax law foresees tax incentives for donations to certain public-benefit foundations according to the tax reform approved by the Spanish Act 27/2014 of November, of the Corporate Tax. This Act includes on its 5th Provision some amendments to articles 19 and 20 of the Spanish Act 49/2002, December 23rd, concerning the tax regime of non-profit making entities and tax incentives for patronage, with regards to the types of deduction applicable to donations made to foundations and associations of public interest under a special tax regime regulated by Spanish Act 49/2002.

Thus, from January 1st, 2016 the deduction types are as follows

Deductions on the payable amount of Personal Income Tax
From 2016
Up to 150 €
From 150 €.
Multiyear donations (made from the 3rd year onwards to the same entity, in an amount exceeding 150 €.)
Deduction limit.
10% of the taxable base.
Deductions on the payable amount of the Corporate Tax
From 2016
10% of the taxable base.
Donations from legal persons
A partir del 2016
Multiyear donations (made from the third year onwards to the same entity).
Deduction limit.
10% of the taxable base.

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